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STUDYING and READING the Cosmic Science for  hours, days, weeks, months and years. Ended up with 300 books in my astro collection. and about 300 more books related to everything under the sun so to pun. and all these books are stored in bins in a storage unit in Great Barrington, Ma. They served me very well. I am grateful for the books.

Did you know that all academic subjects come under the main subject of Astrology?

History, Mythology, Science, Math, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism, the origins of words, Physics, Astronomy, Medicine, Languages, Ancient Civilizations, Energy, Lineages, Health, and on and on….

There is one very significant aspect about the Cosmic Science that is meant to be learned or applied in a different way WITHOUT all the academic study, i.e. without using the normal mental process of the mind….

What is the individual really seeking, though he/she may not realize this, when they go to see an astrologer?
Do we wish to hear an astrologer use astro lingo that is so technical and specialized we can’t understand a thing and then have them tell us what is going to maybe happen in 11 months from now?
Not really.

Sure we want to know practical stuff, and ultimately what we are seeking is what we can’t find anywhere else. If we are seeking a way out of a really bad or chaotic situation, if we are going through too many unexpected changes, and confused and lost on our way, if the doors are closing every where we turn, no matter whom we speak to , no matter how much we go over a situation in our minds, over and over, no matter how intelligent and strategic we may be, we are not getting anywhere.
So when we go to see an astrologer, we expect to be given solutions and new ideas to concerns we have been dealing with for a while.

Ultimately, the individual consulting with a professional astrologer is seeking to be awakened!
Yes, it is true. The individual is seeking to be cosmically awakened to their own Soul Forces and Highest Destiny, for the good of all.

And this kind of awakening can only come about through transmission. TRANSMISSION

The astrologer uses the magic of Transmission in the course of a reading, and this Transmission can really only be given by astrologers who have also received the transmissions themselves.

Astrologers will actually alchemize all the academia in the charts before your eyes.
Then when transmission comes in, the higher teachings arrive in energetic frequencies….
The client sees their own soul sometimes for the first time.  It’s absolutely beautiful moment. The astrologer giving the transmission, is in addition to clearing their client’s fog and indecision,  also initiating their clients into their own personal cosmos.

and YES! this is the real astrology!
this is the real cosmic science