All Planets in Direct Motion

  • Thursday, January 17, 2013
  • Forest is leading the second world wide (online) study group to research and explore this fascinating non-cycle. You will learn a ton of stuff about shamanic astrology as well.

    The reason for the occurrence of APDM is due to a total lack of retrograde planets as seen from the Earth’s perspective. It’s not a cycle in and of itself. So what is the influence and impact of the solar system when all planets are moving together in the same direction? It is something infinitely positive suggests Forest. Further, there are ways to harness this harmony of movement into our own personal and collective lives.

    This is a wonderful and uplifting meeting. For those who are star children, occultists, metaphysical masters, tarot readers, astrologers, astronomers, people who feel at home when they look up at the stars and those curious to expand their horizons.

    We are looking for especially sensitive intuitives to join our research study commencing 1.30.2013.

    Thanks for joining us in advance and see you soon!


    Contact Tetra Forest through her email –