Extreme negative energy can be and is carried along in our DNA lineage. I would include two types of DNA inheritance here.  The ‘Star DNA’ and the blood DNA.  We know what the blood DNA is – those traits, wanted and unwanted, which are passed down through the blood lines of both our parents.

Our ‘Star DNA’ are inherited traits as well, and they are found by decoding or delineating ‘key points’ in the astrology chart. Inherited traits and predispositions also come to us from the archetypes of the zodiac. Plus, specific planetary combinations indicate parental and lineage influences, that can go back centuries. It is also possible to decode celestial influences occurring just after conception, until birth, and these key points also describe, very specifically, pre-natal and pre-destined conditions that effect the entire life. Becoming aware of these celestial keys, which are mostly subconscious and automatic, leads to a greater sense of wholeness, balance, and self – mastery.

An astro-shaman can first identify the inheritance of unwanted traits through the decoding of our stars, and then, in follow up sessions, it is possible to work more deeply on the energetic level of the root cause of the unwanted traits or illness to greatly diminish the energies that cause them, so the effects go from extreme to mild.

With the death of famous beloved actor Robin Williams, we can see imprints that were set up during gestation, from conception to birth, which can and do create life long challenges, which then takes its toll on the body as well.
The mind/thought/communications/humor genius were Robin’s ‘gift from the gods’, and, also led to his self undoing.

It’s not destined that he commits suicide. No. Not at all. It’s destined that he would be receiving and coping with Mind energy that is deep, illuminated and intense, and, beyond what most humans can easily handle or channel well.
He did a spectacular job considering.