Dear Tetra,
What stands out for me is the way the healing sessions live on in me and give me profound insights into who I am and what I need to work on.
There was also something marvelous about the way in which you reflected my energy and desires back to me so that I could see them objectively.
You are the therapist, in your being, not just through the modalities you are trained in.

The Shamanic Healing Session was a new experience and perhaps the most powerful in my healing process.  What you described having seen and removed, has become real to me.
The wild, or chaotic energy which I was not aware of before, I have now become aware of it and so it is no longer there, or perhaps more accurately, is now easily recognized and
released.  I feel theat the last session, created a freedom in me in relation to my desires and it prepared me for the wonderful events now unfolding in my life.
I am sure there is a mysterious connection between my work with you and finding my life partner!
I am deeply grateful for the work you did with me and want you to know how much it meant to me.
With love, John