Ok, back to Joan Rivers. and just to say i think its so very strange that two major super star comedians pass unexpectedly and weirdly within a few weeks of each other.

also a friend of mine suddenly passes in his sleep and without any warning of illness, the wonderful improv artist Tony Carito, aka, Mr Sedona. he is not as famous of course only also very well loved, and isn’t its just so strange the death of 3 comedians so close to each other?

i wonder for ex. is there something else hidden here on the symbolic level? waiting for more clues…..

Astro speaking
with Neptune to Robin William’s Moon,
drugs and illness were all there…..
and for me, it was easy to immediately intuit and understand what was happening through the planetary influences from a very quick glance at his chart.
still i would probably not have thought of death by seeing those planetary combinations ahead of time.
and, if i were talking to someone, i might hear a collusion with Death wanting to come through the other person by what they talk about and what they are doing with their lives.
now with Joan Rivers,
her chart didn’t immediately reveal things to me though i did do some research on it and saw some things…
like her Neptune, which is the key predicator of death, is also prominently aspected in her natal chart as it was in Robin’s chart. Drugs were directly a part of the death process in both cases.
Joan’s Neptune is in opposition to her natal Neptune,
and, this happens to everyone when they live to be a certain age. so it doesn’t mean everyone dies when this happens!!! its a generational aspect like being 27-30 and going through the first Saturn Return.
the point is millions of people, even though they are older, pass through their Neptune opp Nep cycle without dying….

having said that,
it might not be such a terrible time to go actually!!!


bc Neptune doesn’t only have a connection to DRUGS, it also is associated with Spiritual Dimensions, Expanded Universal Consciousness, Imagination, Inspiration, Dreams, Fantasy, and Ecstasy..
you see what im saying?
the bigger problem here is that Joan also had Mars and Saturn traversing her 8th house.
THE house of Transitions, Mysticism and Death
(plus other things).
Death is also connected to the 12th house.
so really, it was the time for Joan to make a mystical spiritual transition if she was ready. if she wasn’t ready, the Decision was to be made for her ….to help her along i guess… no way she would go easily!
if i didn’t want her to take any chances of anything going wrong, and she came to see me to be sure,
i would certainly have suggested to wait until these fierce and serious planetary dudes were out of that 8th house (of transitions and death) before having an operation…
for SURE!
another way of looking at this is that the astrological timing to have an operation was not at all in her favor, things can and did go wrong,
only the timing to make a beautiful transition was right there…
lets go back to Neptune again.
Neptune first conjuncted her North Node in the 12th house last fall and then Neptune was very close to the North Node this past year.
Neptune rules the 12th so its really truly a deeply spiritual, illuminating kind of death in the symbolism,,,,,
so that part is good.
only Joan died while she was under anesthesia. it was light anesthesia. not general anesthesia which i think means she was out, but lightly rather than deeply.
so we could say Joan passed while she was slightly unconscious.
that still means its possible that when she wakes up in the death zone, she is confused as to what happened.
it is also possible too
that at the moment she stopped breathing,
Joan left her body and immediately
began to witness exactly what was going on….
in which case, i would imagine that wondrous all loving Light would have come to her and eventually guide her UP.
because we want to go UP,
not stick around the earth plane when we pass.
its kind of cool that we are made from the same exact stuff as Stars….

i used to think that to go in one’s sleep could be very peaceful and absolutely fascinating.
only ive since changed my mind.
begin awake is my preference.
being totally conscious and able to watch the entire experience,
and without any pain to interfere
in this most extraordinary transition of all time.

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