If you are signed up for the Daily Acceleration Plan with Tetra you are participating in the first group of people in the history of the world, to work with a solar system cycle called All Planets in Direct Motion!!!!!

The Daily Acceleration Plan for APDM is led by Tetra to connect our goals, both personal and collective with the motions of the collective body of planets in our solar system.  APDM is a wonderfully positive time to gather momentum for our highest future, and a wonderful time to imagine a Earthship filled with happy people where there is an abundance for all and where there is peace.

Stephanie Tetra Forest writes  –
We are the ones to inform our Universe
and the Solar System is an open field waiting for our instructions.”

For  4 weeks, there are no retrograde planets from the Earth’s point of view.
What does this mean?
For one thing it means all the planets are moving in the same direct motion as seen from the Earth’s perspective.
All Planets in Direct Motion is a timing in the solar system for awakening to an awesome new course of direction in y/our life.   Tetra has been writing a daily news brief to share just how significant APDM can be for all of us right now.

The Daily Acceleration Plan is complete when Mars Retrgrades on 1/23/12.

Blessings to you for a prosperous and healthy new year.  May all your best wishes come true.