Tetra Forest 2.15.15 Dana Pt, CA
Tetra Forest offers a two month, one on one Program,  consisting of 12 sessions,   following the reading of your birth chart.

“My SynC Your Cycles Program is exceptionally effective and awesomely productive. You gain a tremendous amount of  confidence to be yourself again. It’s like you move back into core nature especially if you have been side shifted a bit.  You make better choices, better decisions, and confidently make it through transitions and changes.
Sync up with your planetary cycles is a program I apply to be a guide who makes sure you are in tune with your cosmos.  You can totally light up your direct path for your future success and happiness, even if you are feeling really low, depressed, lonely, alone.
Deep and profound positive changes occur rapidly.”

If you are unfamiliar with Forest’s work, please go to Testimonials on this site, or email Tetra and you can have a chat. Check out her background as well to get a better understanding of her intent and life’s mission to increase consciousness and well being on the planet.

You can combine the Initiation Reading and the 12 session program for reduced fees.

One time readings also offered.

If you are interested in a Reading and a Weaving please visit the page called “Star Light Weaver”

email for any questions and they will be responded to within 48 hours.