So When is the Right Time to Consult a Professional Astrologer? written by Tetra Forest

One of the best reasons to follow an impulse to see an astrologer is not to do with hoping you may get lucky and your stars are lined up. I mean you can buy some Chinese food and hope to get a wanton cookie with a good fortune in it at far less cost.

There are many reasons of course to seek guidance from your stars. I can give one main reason myself and you can also state your own. 
In my view one of the best reasons to visit with a professional astrologer has everything to go with perspective. 
Because the cosmic perspective is just not available through friends or family or a therapist.

Having a cosmic perspective carefully delineated helps enormously when we are seeking new answers to current predicaments.
When we have tried everything we can think of to change things and nothing is working…
When our lives are turned around completely and we are feeling so confused as to why or what to steps to take next…
When we are seeking fresh new inspirations to move our lives forward in a positive direction…. 
when we sense that change is imminent only we can’t figure out why,  then, the cosmic perspective is of exceptional value.